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without a hitch. call it a steamy sauna and a few bouts across of rain. the rain didn't help to cool things down. with the heat and humidity, we're setting ourselves up for a repeat of last night's severe weather. we're under a severe thunderstorm watch for most of the evening. and josie, we have a thunderstorm watch. i think that the more pressing concern is the flash flood watch. we have heavy downpours east of i-95. this is going to be slipping over on the eastern shore. if you're watching from queen anne's county, you'll get heavier and heavier rain. the lightning is begining to clear and still, a lot of tough weather to deal with on the evening's commute. we'll talk about the warnings that we have. they're into virginia and new jersey. flash flood warnings are up
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now. flood watches are in store for tonight. we have clearing into far western maryland. weather will improve tonight. for the rest of the evening, 80s and heavy rain, we'll track this into the weekend, coming up. lightning associated with a violent thunderstorm may be to blame for a three alarm fire in jarredsville. it happened near northville road. jeff hager has more on the damage it caused. >> well, the cause of the fire is under investigation. it appear that is the estimated damages to the home and the contents could be as much as $800,000. >> it looks like it was a lightning strike. they can't find anything else. >> reporter: fortunately, the homeowners and the three children were on vacation when
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the fire ravaged the home. the neighbor gave the victim's relatives their only clue as to how it started. >> he heard a bang and when he got up and looked, he saw a flame near the bedroom. he called 911 >> reporter: the fire spread quickly and it took the firefighters from several counties an hour and a half before they brought it under control. >> we've had them where they strike a chimney and it blows the chimney away from the house itself. this hit the roof. it looks like, well, once it's there, it's an open space in the attic. it just continues. it's an open space from one end to the other end of the dwelling. >> in a community where the neighbors help out neighbors, four young girls knocked on doors making sure no one was inside.
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the victim's family is commending the firefighters. they saved financial records and the family photos. >> the whole county was here. there was a 3 alarm originally. they were just absolutely phenomenal. you couldn't have asked for people to help. >> firefighters had to pump water from a pond a half mile away. jeff hager, abc2 news. and don't forget, for all of the severe weather coverage, go to now, a story you'll see on abc2 news. it's been weeks since a hit-and- run accident took the lives of two teens in baltimore. we're learning more about the moments after the crash. 911 tapes obtained exclusively by abc2 news shows the car pulled over after the hit-and- run. it was traced back to a four
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door lincoln driven by a woman from severn. tragically, the tapes indicate that the victims in the hit-and- run were essentially killed on impact, dying before being taken to shock trauma. >> we are positive that both of them are dead, right? >> yeah, that's a 10-4. no chance of survival. >> we'll have more on what we learned listening to the dispatch tapes including confusion saying that the victims were shot, not hit. six, five -- all three engines are burning. space shuttle spreads its wings one final time. >> with that, the last shuttle mission launched into space. 30 years and 135 missions, the
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end of the era has arrived. it's on its way to the international space station to restock the international space station. we were at the last launch. >> reporter: you could call the launch many things, awesome, inspiring and lift off! you could call the launch the end. hundreds of thousands decented on central florida to witness the 135th and final launch to the 40 year shuttle program. >> i had tightness in my chest. it's bittersweet. >> reporter: shuttle watchers packed along the coast almost missed the chance. first, it was weather and then, a technical glitch that froze the count down. they made it with two minutes to spare in the launch window. after the final mission, thousands are losing their jobs. >> change is difficult. you can't do something else or
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better unless you go through change. >> reporter: before the launch, they posed for pictures and nasa workers held up signs. this man figures he covered all of the launches. the first launch was a marvel. over the year, they kept on coming and the space shuttle was like a pickup truck. >> the legacy was mixed. 14 astronauts lost their lives and it cost double the amount it was supposed to. the stunning pictures are there from the hubble space telescope. >> it's told you don't watch the launch, you feel it. i can attest to that. abc2 news, cape canaveral. [ cheers and applause ]
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crowds across the country watched atlantis lift off this morning. there in time's square, people watched on a number of big tv screens. crowds in florida witnessed the last launch, live. these were images from the roadways were people stopped the cars and crossed the road to get the best vantage point. now, the last launch was a must see event at the maryland science center in the inner harbor. people packed the center to watch the launch on the big screen set up just for the occasion. many were upset that the program is coming to a close, folks pointed out, this isn't the end of space exploration for the u.s.. they want to go to the moon and back to mars. they need a different delivery system to get people there. the shuttle has done its
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service. it's time to move on now. they've built the international space station. >> reporter: they'll have a live tv feed as well. today was a big day for the owners of a charles village pub, they're rebuilding the restaurant. fire burned it to the ground in january. the new pub will have more space and include a rooftop deck and patio and more employees. they'll be back open by next year. a panel on the upcoming redistricting of maryland plans on holding 12 public hearings. they're gathering in october to redraw the state's district. before that happens, the five member advisory program must form a draft plan. they'll release the exact schedule next week. and baltimore city
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councilman, james craft plans on asking federal officials to pay one of the lead poisoning judgments. he says that the agency can't afford to pay the $12 million to those exposed to lead paint. he's dissatisfied with the approval. it was scary to watch for fans and players as a fans falls to the concrete below, trying to catch a ball into the stand. how the team will honor his memory tonight. today's job report has capitol hill sweating. when you go to the playground, it gets you all wet and when you go to the pool, it gets you all wet and new fun in the sun at a community center in the area.
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we'll get all wet at a local flash pad, coming up.
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uncertainty over the government deficit is hampering economic growth. >> the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceilings will be raised and we have a serious plan to deal with the debt and deficit, the sooner we give the businesses the certainty that they'll need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire. >> president obama and leaders will meet at the white house this sunday. if there's no deal by august second, the government will run out of money and in addition to the u.s. defaulting on debts could mean social security and military checks won't go out. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right, let's get into it here.
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brand-new severe thunderstorm warnings for anne arundel county. most of the area under a flash flood warning for low lying flooding and too much rain, too quickly from the downpour flash flood watch for all of maryland for the rest of the evening. we'll talk about where the storms are now. you can see the particular cell of concern south east of severna park. we could have damaging wind gusts in the storm cells. again, the main concern for most of us watching is the possibility for flash flooding. there's a delayed effect in terms of the run off from the showers and storms. that's pretty nasty and wild looking. that's the line of storm cells. it will continue to clear from
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the west to east. take a look live downtown. we'll have a tough commute on the evening. when it rains lightly, it slows everything down. it will be raining hard around most of baltimore. winds from the north at 10 as the front pushes in. as we time lapse this over baltimore, the downpours are coming in and dousing the camera over. then, that's the storm coming in. we have wet, unsettled weather. then, the storms roll in here into the afternoon. it's tough to even see here. 1.72 inches in cockeysville and millersville, 2.74 inches of rain. the big thing here, even up at
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churchville, it's come down in a matter of a few hours here. that's why we have the period of run off and flash flooding possible. if you see the flooded roadway, don't take the chance. 6 inches of water is all it takes to move a vehicle. 82 at easton and the showers haven't gotten in there yet. the humidity is high statewide. we have good news for the weekend. this boundary will push out of here and as a result, potential for flooding and the sticky, uncomfortable air will be pushed offshore. it will be hot and closer to 90 this weekend, but the shower threat will diminish. it will clear out by 10:00 and by 5:00 a.m., it should clear the beaches. we're left with a good weekend. that's saturday and sunday. sunday looks like it stays nice and dry. tonight, we have the flash flood watch several hours.
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tomorrow, beginning to see the showers and not bad. 64 and less humid. again, the out look is for relatively hot weekend. it's dry and less humid. that's not bad, josie. if you're in the low lying areas and commuting through those, take your time. when you're in doubt, don't take the chance on the roads. a few more hours and the run off will subside and we'll be better later on tonight. when it comes to staying cool, nothing beats the pool and the beach. parents want their kids to have fun. they want to save time, too. now, members here in owings mills have the perfect place. there's a splash pad. there is a splashing good time.
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>> reporter: this is designed for kids of all ages. >> it's getting them active and gets the parents a place to play with the kids. it's just water squirting out of stuff. >> reporter: kids love the spray ground, it's fun and it's a great introduction to swimming without going into the bigger pool. >> he's 2 years old. it's perfect for his age. we don't have to worry about him getting in the pool. >> reporter: all can see the reason for being here. it's fun and it gets you wet. i get to play with all of my friends. there are more practical reasons for this, too. >> one of the leading causes of drawing is parents who are not
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paying close enough attention to their children. >> reporter: jennifer lake brings children as part of a camp she runs. she says that kids are more likely to get into the other pools because of the spray ground. >> they get comfortable with the water and they ease into the pool. >> in the past, a lot of the women from the observing community of baltimore, if they were coming to the pool, they had to be fully dressed. well, they can come here and spend time with the kids. >> reporter: the main reason the kids love the spray ground is -- >> i love to go to the playground, it like, gets you all wet and at the pool, it gets you a little bit wet. >> reporter: water brings out the best in all of us. looks like a blast.
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i want to go. well, the dead line is approaching to make cal ripken's play in 2001 the best all-star game. he started the third inning in a home run. he followed the moment in the beginning when they moved to third base to short stop. voting for the best moment ends tomorrow at noon. if you want to vote, go to the website at head to the sports section for a link to the voting. when it comes to staying safe in the sun, your plan may be based on fiction than fact. we have three myths about sun exposier and how to keep yourself safe from skin cancer.
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now, to a health alert. millions of americans take dietary supplements. now,the government is proposing new guidelines fda drafted guidelines for when the manufactures need to regulate people about new ingredients. companys are required to file a safety notification. the fda has 700 such notifications. the warmer temperatures and sunnier days mean that more of us are heading out doors. that means more exposier to the sun. do you know what's fact and fiction? some myths mean when you're young, you don't have to worry about it.
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the only reason to avoid tanning is from sun exposier, some say. >> glass does not filter uva. that also causes skin cancer and it penetrates and comes through glass in the car. sunscreen is needed if you sit by the window. >> knowing the facts are essential. casey anthony is going to be released from prison next week, before that happens, we'll explain why her lawyers are talking about her safety. the son cried out daddy. my husband grabbed the boy so he wouldn't see it. >> and a gut wrenching story in texas as a fan falls out of the stands, reaching for a ball.
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